Activities Frequently Asked Questions

The game drives last on average 3-4 hours.

We are located in a private concession within the Okavango Delta (NG34). Therefore game drives into the Moremi Reserve are not required.

Currently walking safaris are not offered, however are planned for the future.

Accommodation FAQs

Each chalet can sleep 2 adults in a twin or double/Kind. An extra mattress can be brought into the tent for a child.

There are fans in the tents. There is no air-conditioning.

Each chalet has its own en-suite bathroom with a standing shower and toilet. The chalets do not have a bathtub.

WiFi is only available at the WiFi station close to reception. There is no WiFi available in the guest tents or lounge, swimming pool or dining areas.

Other FAQs

Low Season – November, December January to March

High  temperatures are common during the summer months but when the first  rains arrive in November (hopefully) the bushveld sighs with relief –  the flush of new growth is welcome as the new generation of plains game  are born. The migrant species of birds return, and the Delta comes alive  with new life. The summer rains are predominantly localised afternoon  thundershowers. Predators are still abundant, but the area is quieter in  regard to traffic, affording more exclusive game viewing.

Mid-Season – April, May, June

The  temperatures are pleasant, with warm days late 20’s (°C) and  comfortable nights. The vegetation is drying out with the last of the  rains. In June the temperatures start dropping particularly in the early  morning and evenings. However, the Delta floods

towards  the end of this season, bringing fresh water and reducing the areas to  game drive on, concentrating the animal populations further and  extending the mokoro trail opportunities.

High Season – July, August, September & October

July  & August are the coolest months and often very cold at night and  early mornings, with warm pleasant days. The waterholes dry up and the game congregates along the rivers and pans. In September the  temperatures soar to mid to late 30’s. The Okavango floods at the  beginning of the winter season, so there is plenty of slow flowing water  around for the animals, the game movements are also restricted due to  the island sizes decreasing with the rising water levels. With the high  concentration of game as well as the Delta offering its beautiful flood  season – this is truly the peak season of all safaris.

The Okavango Delta is a haven for Botswana’s wildlife, and is indeed one of the most celebrated safari regions of southern Africa because of its unique wetland ecosystems. Wildlife sightings include all of the well  known favourites, plus some of the uniquely adapted species, such as red  lechwe. Birdlife is particularly well documented in the area, with  water birds like herons, storks, kingfishers, jacanas, crakes, and pygmy  geese featuring heavily. Exploring is done by game drive, motorised  boat, mokoro, or on foot. Each offers a different way to enjoy the natural landscape and its inhabitants. Afternoon game drives morph into  night drives, bringing the nocturnal creatures to the spotlight, and  mornings can be spent walking in the footsteps of your local guide or  cruising through the channels on a traditional dugout canoe.


It  is very important that you drink plenty of water especially during the  warmer months. It is generally recommended that guests drink at least 2  to 3 litres of water per day. Many malaria prophylactics contribute to  dehydration as do alcoholic drinks, so please make an effort to keep  drinking water.

Malaria (Low Risk) – prophylactics recommended

Malaria  is at its highest prevalence during the warmer and wetter months of  November to April. The species of mosquito which carries malaria is only  active at the times when you are usually sleeping or sitting around the  campfire. The best prevention is to avoid being bitten – therefore a  mosquito repellent is recommended. We also suggest that you wear  long-sleeved shirts and long pants in the evening. In terms of  medication to prevent Malaria – please consult your Doctor or local  Travel Clinic for the most up to date information.

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Sankuyo, Botswana.

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(+267)  73 030020
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